More useful than any tool in the shed

And now with a new name! The 2020 Toronto & Golden Horseshoe Gardener’s Journal & Source Book is more than a down-to-earth garden log. It’s a garden guide with weekly tips on what to do when, indoors and out… and more. Our name now reflects what has been true for years – it isn’t just for gardeners in Toronto. Take a peek and order here.

Get everything you need to grow anything you want:

  • Be ready for spring/fall frost dates in your zone
  • Know when to start seeds and transplant outside
  • Remember what you bought, sowed or planted – and when
  • Record your garden flops, successes and surprises
  • Draw plans for your raised beds or garden
  • Find help and inspiration in our updated directory

An ebook version of the Toronto & Golden Horseshoe Gardener’s Source Book (with active weblinks) is also available separately. This year, the lower price is comparable to phone-app pricing.  Have a look and order here!

We plan to start shipping the 2020 editions in late-October.


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