At 220+ pages, the Toronto Gardener’s Journal & Source Book is designed to make your gardening life easier.

Smart design, cover to cover:

  • Quickly flip to your place in the year with front and back book flaps
  • Inside covers show at-a-glance calendars for this year and next
  • Book flaps give average spring & fall frost dates for Toronto (Cdn Z6/USDA Z5)
  • Plus: numbered weeks before/after frosts, making it easy to calculate seed starts

Handy reference pages up front:

  • Windsor to Kingston maps show average spring/fall frost dates and frost-free days
  • Identify your soil type on the soil map, from Long Branch to Rouge Hill to Kleinberg
  • Colourful section tabs keep it all organized

Week-by-week garden journal:

  • Weekly view, with room to keep track of what you did – or what you plan to do
  • Daily weather icons (to circle how good or bad Mother Nature was)
  • Special record tables to simply track sowing, planting, and buying this year
  • Three pages of blank graphs to plot veggie succession planting or redesign a bed

Our 75-page Source Book – fully updated for 2019:

  • The Gardener’s Journal & Source Book lists hundreds of resources that serve your area – all checked for accuracy up to the time of printing
  • From books and blogs to seed companies, nurseries and gardens, and online or mail-order sources for anything from organic pest control to tools
  • Now, redesigned and reorganized to make it easier to read and easier to reference

And, new for 2019, our Source Book section is now also available as a separate ebook:

  • Clickable links drill down to the garden resources you want, saving you time
  • Digital search tools on your app let you search for mentions all through the ebook
  • Works on your computer desktop, tablet or smartphone
  • Read more about it here