At 200+ pages, the Toronto Gardener’s Journal & Source Book is designed to make your gardening life easier.

Smart design, cover to cover:

  • Quickly flip to your place in the year with front and back book flaps
  • Inside covers show at-a-glance calendars for this year and next
  • Book flaps give average spring & fall frost dates for Toronto (Cdn Z6/USDA Z5)
  • Plus: numbered weeks before/after frosts, making it easy to calculate seed starts

Handy reference pages up front:

  • Windsor to Kingston maps show average spring/fall frost dates and frost-free days
  • Identify your soil type on the soil map, from Long Branch to Rouge Hill to Kleinberg
  • Colourful section tabs keep it all organized

Week-by-week garden journal:

  • Weekly view, with room to keep track of what you did – or what you plan to do
  • Daily weather icons (to circle how good or bad Mother Nature was)
  • Special record tables to simply track sowing, planting, and buying in 2018
  • Three pages of blank graphs to plot veggie succession planting or redesign a bed

And our 60-page Source Book:

  • The Gardener’s Journal & Source Book lists hundreds of resources, local and North American, that serve your area
  • From books and blogs to seed companies, nurseries and gardens, and online or mail-order sources for anything from organic pest control to tools

The Toronto Gardener’s Journal is shipping now! To ensure delivery well in time for Christmas giving, order yours by Canada Post’s suggested deadline. Or, order 2 or more and your order will go out by expedited parcel post, with local delivery in 2 business days.